EDI’s Mentorship Program is designed to reduce recidivism, delinquency and prevent re-arrest. Our program focuses one-to-one mentorship that assist formerly incarcerated men and at-risk-troubled youths make positive changes through academic experiences by offering a supportive and positive relationship. Mentors of EDI fully understand the challenges faced by its students from a personal perspective. Through our mentorship program we not only offer academic, but life experiences in assisting mentees in making better decisions for themselves and their lives. 

Men Sharpen Men

Men Sharpen Men connects formerly incarcerated men with a member of EDI. Through this relationship mentors establish trust through a shared experiences of incarceration, but also in hope and redemption. Our mentors serve as a role model to men enrolling in higher educational institutions. We serve as a support system, advocate and a point of reference regarding the challenges of academia, but also in the day to day challenges of life.

Boys To Men

Boys To Men is EDI’s 8 week after school program focused on at-risk youth. The program is designed to meet with youth over an 8 week period once a week to discuss issue of behavior, school participation, life issues from bullying to violence to sometimes very personal issues. Through these classes we EDI seeks to make an impact on the lives of young men at the crossroads of life. Being once youths ourselves we share our lived experiences. A great majority of our work has taken us to institutions at Rikers Island. Our hope is to continue and inspire our youth that they matter.

Girls Rock

EDI’s Girls Rock program is headed by Denise Comara, Communications Director of EDI and Associate Director at Bronx Community College’s CUNYEdge program. Girls Rock is an open door mentorship program where young women of color are taught the values of hardwork and womanhood. Most of our young women are currently in college and struggle to balance life and school. Denise is that guiding force and place of safety that our young women turn to for guidance and support. Girls Rock is not as formal as EDI’s male programs but are just as effective.

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