Criminal Justice Reform

At EDI we strongly believe that how an individual is prepared to exit a correctional facility greatly indicates their chances of success post-release.




We advocate for discharge planners in every city and state institution. Our 7-point plan recommends that as part of criminal justice reform the city and state review its release plans, restructure probation and parole and consider adopting our non-violent offense plan, which entails:

  1. Re-entry Reform Initiatives
  2. Disproportionate Minority Contact
  3. Reform or Abolish Corporate Investment in Corrections (prison industrial complex)
  4. Immediate Voting Rights Restored
  5. Probation and Parole Reform
  6. Support of The Fair Chance Act - Employment
  7. Support of the Fair Pledge Act - Educational


A significant number of men and women released daily from city and state institutions are released with no housing plan or place to go. EDI advocates for a Fair Housing Plan including section-8 vouchers specifically designated for formally incarcerated individuals as well as supportive housing designed to assist in successful re-entry and pathway to independent living. 

Economic Support

Although strides have been made towards providing formerly incarcerated individuals with a fair chance to obtain employment; existing measures simply are not enough. EDI encourages the city to develop a City Employment plan aimed at providing support and resources to ex-offenders obtain employment offering livabel wages and benefits. 


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