Educate Don’t Incarcerate was founded in 2016 by Terrance Coffie. EDI focuses on criminal justice reform through educational opportunities, mentoring and policy reform; with the fundamental idea that through education and support lives can be changed. EDI seeks to provide information and mentorship that will encourage students in the areas of education, skill training, entrepreneurship, empowerment, personal development. We have assembled a team of visionaries and game changers who share their academic and life experiences as a tool to inspire others. In addition to serving as an inspiration to men and youths, EDI also addresses challenges of re-entry for the formerly incarcerated. EDI is also a staunch advocate for social justice, having seen the cycle of poverty, substance abuse, unemployment, homelessness and incarceration in underrepresented communities first-hand, EDI has committed itself to promoting social, economic and educational reform, and hopes to address these issues on a larger scale.

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